Journey Boxes, Urns, and customized Vessels for a variety of milestones in life and beyond…

I was recently commissioned to create a set of small journey boxes so that each family member could have a remembrance of their mother. What a beautiful way to share the love.

Death & Creativity: How to put the sacred back in both with Bonnie Hitchcock [podcast]

We explore a different approach to death and a very fun and healing way to look at creativity. We talk about pottery, energy healing and how to have the joy of a five-year-old when being creative. 

“Today marks the one year passing of my husband. As you know the journey is not an easy one in the grieving process. I was blessed to have master potter and friend Bonnie Hitchcock to fashion an urn for my husband’s ashes. We met several times and I brought several keepsakes with me to imprint on his urn such as his Eagle Scout pin, our wedding rings that he made, other jewelry he had made me, etc. Bonnie was so reverent in the handling of his ashes—we put a small amount in the clay and even in the top itself. We prayed over them and my tears also went into the clay. The urn was inscribed on one side and the other side was left untouched. Bonnie had me use a test piece to see how the items looked when pressed into the clay. I am so proud of the urn that was fashioned with love—and I know my husband is too!”

Urn for RHC